Dam      Sire  BornSex
 Garden Gate Tina USA Art MajorSept 11COLT
 Carols Ideal USABettors DelightOct 7 COLT
 Illustrator RockNRoll Heaven Oct 30COLT
 Ideal Priority USA Captaintreacherous Nov 14FILLY
 Unique Desire American IdealNov 10FILLY
 Rockin TammySportswriterDec 2FILLY
 Rockaround Sue USA Bettors DelightOct 25COLT
 My Double Dream NZ Bettors DelightNov 7FILLY
 Trend Setter Betting LineNov 24FILLY
 Mollys Ideal CaptaintreacherousOct 31FILLY
Heavens Trend Bettors DelightOct 13FILLY
 The Baggy Green American IdealNov 9FILLY
 Whatahottie NZ Bettors DelightNov 20FILLY
 Magic Z Tam USA RockNRoll Heaven Oct 19 FILLY
 Ultimate CC NZRockNRoll HeavenNov 27COLT
Rock Two TimesRoll With JoeNov 23FILLY
 Mollys Lucky Star USA Always B MikiNov 23COLT
 Tamara Hall USA American IdealNov 29FILLY
 Nosotros RockNRoll HeavenDec 26COLT
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